The medieman family residence of Villa Medem was built in 1818 after the Adam Berlitz project, which at that time was regarded as his greatest masterpiece throughout the Duchy of Courland and Zemgale.

The symmetrical single storey building has a central two-storey building and is decorated with yellow porches on both sides. The fronton is decorated with a magnificent crocheted ornament of acanths of arabesque.

The family property was built by the brother of the last Duchess of Kurzeme Dorothea - Count Jeanne von Medem. During the Second World War, Ville Medem burned down, but the walls and the porticoes survived. In 1946. it was decided to restore the building which was an unusual decision for Jelgava, as many architectural masterpieces which was damaged or burnt during the war were simply demolished. Villa Medem recovered the original look and shape of its facade by taking down the extensions added at the later years. The new elements were introduced in the form of a building and were adapted to the needs of the Jelgava Flax Factory Club The interior of Villa Medem has not survived its original look and currently the building is in the process of change to be reborn again. 

VILLA MEDEM by years

1818 Villa Medem built by architect Johann Adam Berlitz.
1835 - 1836 construction work.
1881 Villa Medem summerhouse and garden bought by Jelgavas Latvian Society.
1880 constructed cycle track in garden. 
1897 summer hall and music pavilion destroyed by fire.
1908 construction of Latvian Society House,and Villa Medem was bought by factory owner Hoffe.
1944 - 1946 reconstruction work and transformation into club for members and workers of linen factory
1946 architect Sergejevs took measurements and planned a restoration project.
1947 restoration project by architect Vecsīlis.
1949 architect J. Šterna reported restoration works as interrupted, because of deficiency of funds.
1952 building has been renovated and the interior was set up .
1994 Jelgavas (linen factory) "Laerelini" sold club houses (including Villa Medem) to Association "New Generation"
1996 Engineer A. Barbaras concluded and recognized the bad technical condition of Villa Medem.
2004 Villa Medem was sold to SIA Baks , restarted total renovation and base set up of Annex-building.
2012 SIA "Baks" went bankrupt , Villa Medem was in auction for sale.
2015 SIA "Leopolds" bought all land , Villa and Annex for a new future project of renovation and economical use of annex building.            2018 Villa Medem 200 years


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