Atmosphere of centuries

Villa Medem is unique.

Surrounded by silent Victory Park (ex. Villa Medem Garden) and footprints of world history.

Most of the mansion's interior is unfinished, but such a graceful building always requires more care and investment, so it is improved and laced continuously.

It’s located next to park  in the silent city center, which makes it especially convenient for guests to visit Villa Medem.

Seminars and Banquets

Your anniversary, meeting, seminar, banquet, or any special occasion hosted at Villa Medem will have a Charm of centuries.

Filming and photoshoots


Villa Medem is unique place for film production. Great spot for creating gorgeous and mysterious photos. 


Unique place to visit.

Atmosphere of centuries.

Special historie.


We are open for any business proposals.  Just contact us and the                 “ghost”                    will be with you shortly.



Unique place with a brilliant ambiance for Your wedding.


Concerts Fashion  Art

Charm of centuries and great acoustics, so you won’t be blamed if you choose Villa Medem for your concert or music production and art gallery.



 25 sqm          professional kitchen  room with Park view 






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